Think CFCG

 Florida sales and use tax can cover so many areas of business.  I was tired of the every day monotony of working a daily job and decided to make a leap.  I was on the hunt for a home to remodel and resell.  Some of us call it “flipping”.  The real estate market was a buyers market and prices were red hot.  In searching on the web, I had come across a large property with a small 3 bedroom home that needed some work and it was under my price range so I went for it.

I was only required to pay less than $500 per month for my mortgage and so I took the remainder of my down payment and started work on the place.  It was in a small town and the local lumber company was just 3 miles away with the county clerk’s office just 5 miles away to take care of the tax deeds.  So, I set out to visit the appraiser’s office to ask some questions.  I found out that the properties in the area were having amazing deals and that I needed to grab up some additional land.

In continuing my quest for ending the 9-5 daily work schedule, I thought that writing tax deeds was the way to go.  I couldn’t figure it out on my own and maybe there was a company that would hire me to work from home so that I can arrange my own hours and not be stuck in an office.  This avenue I took in sales worked very well for me and it can for others.  If you are not able to do this, or do not have the desire, yet want to own property, contact a Florida sales and use tax team that can assist you.

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